Sunday, October 2, 2011


Today I had a true Swedish cultural experience. Elin is a Swedish student who just became a believer back in March through Agape Sverige (and the Lord of course!). She invited me to Mickelsmäss 2011, basically like a Swedish county fair. There was tons of food, normal things like candied apples and hot dogs. Then there was reindeer meat, elk jerky, and all different flavors of salami hanging from every 5th booth. There were booths lined with things other than food as well - scarves, wallets, ponchos, jewelry, as seen on tv products, and lots of kids toys. I personally cashed in on the 14 pairs of socks for 100sek (roughly 15 US dollars). We were patient to find this treasure. We held out on the 10 pair for 100sek and even 12 pair for 100sek until we found the bargain price. My toes will thank me this winter. There were even kids rides and a petting zoo. All in all, a quality Sunday. 
Elin and I with our lunch - Bärstaklämma - EVERYONE lined up to get these things for lunch. It was basically a pita with tomatoes, lettuce, and a bunch of meat (not sure what animal) with heaps of some thousand island-mayo sauce on top. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

My teammates need your prayers!

Please join us in praying for the last 4 of our teammates to arrive. They have a deadline of October 1st to have their support in or they will not be allowed to come. Pray God will show Himself as Jehovah Jireh to them – the God who Provides. They must be at 100% to buy a flight. Pray for them by name for provision, encouragement, perseverance, and faith to finish well. Thank you!


Housing Update

Hey Friends
Sorry for the delayed post. I moved from the Harkins apt to the Caldwells’ place on Sunday. Both are married couples on our Agape Sverige team this year. The Caldwells are being gracious to let me stay in their living room. They don’t have internet and thus it’s hard to get online to post. The good news is that we signed a lease for one month on a house to stay in from Sept 30th-Oct 30th. Though it’s only a month and it’s a solid 30+ minute bike ride outside of town, we are grateful to have a place of our own in just 6 days. I will be staying in the house with Jenny, another long term Agape staff girl who arrived Sept 7th. Prayerfully we’ll be joined by Whitney, a Stinter (10 month intern with Agape) from the US who should be arriving by Oct 1st (if her support is in!).  The house is owned by a lady going to do field work in Peru for one month so the house is fully furnished. It’s like house sitting her things for a month J

Funny story - After we had signed the lease with the landlord she was showing us around the house explaining how certain things worked (microwave, stove, etc) Then to finish up she said... "Oh and be sure not to invite the mice in" WHAT?! yep... apparently she's so far out in the country that if you leave any food crumbs out mice come in. Jenny and I just looked at each other and said... "You know you're serving overseas when your landlord says no to invite the mice in".

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Culture Night

Last Saturday, my first full day in Uppsala (Friday was jetlag day and I don't remember much of it, nor am I responsible for anything I said in my state of fatigue and confusion). Saturday also happened to be Culture Night in town. I walked around with my American friend, Lael from about noon until 5pm checking out the sights. It's strange saying I went to Culture NIGHT during the day... maybe I can work with Uppsala on coming up with a better name... Culture day even?

Anyway... here are some pics to help you get  better feel for the day.. it was a good time for sure. 

Lael and I - she was on my Agape Sweden team back in 2006-2007 when I lived in Sweden before. She fell in love with a Swede, Marcus. They got married and now live in Uppsala. So thankful she's still around!

They set up a boxing ring in the middle of the road going through the town square. 

Here kids were doing choreographed dances to "I Will Be Popular" - the song won Melodifestivalen (Sweden's version of American Idol) - I'll post the song & video later.. it's hilarious.

Sweets galore - it's what Sweden is known for. 

This is the doughnut Lael bought - she had been craving it all day. 
There were tons of food/cotton candy/candied apples stands around town. Felt like a county fair without the cut off jean shorts, mullets, and john deere attire. Made me miss home just a bit knowing this week is the TN Valley Fair in Knoxville. 

They had a 3 on 3 basketball tournament in the town square as well. 
Even had cheerleaders doing stunts.
Sponsored by Skank... a sweden based clothing company. 

On the other side of the square was the Uppsala Swing Society showing off their moves, it was fun hearing oldies music playing there. 

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


On Friday, after sitting at the train station for over 2 months I picked up Ruby. She is my mode of transportation for the next several years... Ruby is my new bike. She was bought by a Stinter (intern) with Agape Sverige last year, Christa. Christa moved back to the US in July and because of crazy Swedish rules wasn't allowed to take Ruby on the train to the airport. Thus, Ruby was left in the bike parking lot by the train. Elin, one of our mutual swedish friends, kept an eye on her all summer until I arrived. On Friday we went down and picked up Ruby. The summer had been a little brutal to her, but after 300 swedish kronor (approx $50) she had a new front headlight, backlight, bell, handlebars and the chain had been tightened and oiled up. She's as good as new. 

Ruby and I on our first day together :)

There are literally thousands of bikes parked by the train station. This is the daily mode of transportation for most everyone living in Uppsala.

Swedish Fish

Juicy and Delicious; These are some bite-sized morsels of my life in Sweden.